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Let’s be honest, Investing can be intimidating, especially as a young adult trying to figure out their future. Bankrate decided to tackle this issue with their free beginner's course that covers things like investments, retirement, and even home buying in a digestible format.

Creative Direction:

Kyle J. Britt

PH Oster


Class Act Illustrator 101

I was approached for this project to help visualize the main points of the sessions to help aid the Bankrate professionals, who were instructing the lessons on set.  By supplying short courses that give you the run-down on investing, saving for beginners, and how to handle student loans, they created something of extreme value for all generations. I'm happy I was able to help bring some of those ideas to life through illustrations. 

One of the perks of being an illustrator is getting to draw on everything; this time it was a blackboard with chalk. I helped create supporting visuals that highlighted their investing for beginners course, acting as a backdrop the instructors used for reference. After 5 days on-site, over 30 illustrations, and a mountain of chalk dust later, the team was able to deliver stellar graphic props. Working with the Bankrate creative and production team was an amazing experience. The chalkboard illustrations quickly became a valuable asset and evolved to become the highlight for the set.

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