The Kitchenista Diaries

Service(s): Branding and Illustration

Meet Angela Davis, The Kitchenista, a private chef and mom of two based in Detroit. Her mission for The Kitchenista Diaries is to create digital storytelling that inspires authenticity and confidence in your personal cooking journey. She enjoys sharing content that motivates you to get in the kitchen.


Rebranding with Intention

When we sat down to talk through her rebrand, we knew we wanted to create something that represented her as an individual, not just a brand. It needed to show who she was as a chef, a writer, and a mom – an embodiment of what our kitchens look like today and how they are reminiscent of our mothers and our mothers’ mothers. From jotted recipe hacks to fully written recipe books, the branding needed to handle it all.

A great way to solidify the personality of a brand is using color and assets. One of my favorite moments when building a color palette is naming the colors. Especially when they remind me of cheese as Mackin’ does.

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Hand-drawn with care

The supporting graphics for TheKitchenista highlight some of her favorite ingredients and tools. These little doodles are hand-drawn, outlined, then made into reusable patterns. They can be used for highlights, websites, anywhere really), and come in 4 different colors.

Custom-made t-shirt designs that are ready to be printed and shipped to her Patreon members. Angela had the great idea of creating a character that symbolized the working mother who loves to play in the kitchen. What better way to show strength than embodying Rosie The Riveter? I sketched the character by hand and finished it with some heavy lifting in Adobe Illustrator. With 4 different designs ready to go, her merch launch made a great first impression. Nothing yells “New Brand Who Dis?” like a merch drop.

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