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When Red Ventures opened it’s fourth building, believe me, it was a BIG deal. It came complete with an atrium, cafeteria with a coffee station, lunch seating, 5 story corporate tower, learning facilities, UN style seating area, and an open area we called The Arena. In the middle of the atrium, there stood 9 two-story tall columns. When it was time for the 2019 Culture Fest, we wanted to use these columns as a way to brand for the big event.

Consulting & Illustration

Cost vs. Impact

My concern was how much of our budget would be impacted by this install. What good was it to wrap 9 columns in something cool if it was only going to stay up for a week tops? I proposed a solution that gave the environment installations longevity and allowed our talented designers to show off their skills. After measuring each column for specs, I brought together our top designers from each industry group and scheduled a kick-off meeting to get the project rolling.

At this moment at RV, our businesses were compiled into 9 different industry groups. Tech, Education, Travel, People Operations, Entertainment, Social Impact, Ignite, Home, and Health. Each designer was assigned a group based on what team their day-to-day operations took place in. 

The designers had complete creative freedom as long as the delivered illustration reflected their respective industry. This resulted in 9 very different approaches to design and illustration styles, adding diversity to the atrium.

The List of Bad Asses

  • Ashley Cook, Digital Designer
  • Lauren Kerwell, Design Director
  • Emily Sui, UI Designer
  • Naomi Antonino, Associate Web Designer
  • Adam Iscrupe, Senior Product Designer
  • Ricky Carlton, Senior Digital Designer
  • Jet French, Lead Digital Designer
  • Chelsea Mister, Digital Designer

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