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After the pandemic of 2020 hit, some of the biggest tech companies in the world were forced to become completely virtual, and Red Ventures was one of them. Working from home quickly became a permanent fixture in our culture. After several acquisitions that gained us more than 1,200 new employees, it was time to embrace the fact that we were never going back to the old “normal”.

Content and editing:

  • Kelly McMurtire - Principal Designer
  • Sarah Harris - Content Strategist 
  • Ruth Russel - Social Media Specialist

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Brand Assets

Using company culture as a reference point:

“Everything is written in pencil” is a mantra all RV employees embody on a day-to-day basis. It symbolizes how nothing is meant to stay the same and the importance of professional flexibility. Strategies may pivot, teams may change, but the culture will always remain the same. Bringing this energy into the brand guidelines would help explain the rapid change and growth at RV, while representing how we work. Thus, we added a handwritten font that is meant to accent images, expressing our brand personality without being too distracting to the main points. 

We needed to rethink our position in the tech space by refreshing our brand assets and reevaluating what it meant to be a great company to work for. How can we make sure our culture resonates with people without having access to our lavish 600,000 sq ft campus? With the restrictions of keeping our current color palette and logo, there was plenty of room to explore how we showed up online, in print, and now, in virtual spaces.

With the combination of brush strokes and our vast library of photography, we were able to build assets that spoke to the diverse backgrounds and expressive energy at the RV.

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Brand Style Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Red Ventures:

One of the most important assets for an overhaul was a cohesive brand style guide. This was our chance to express who we were as a company and show our personality. The Ultimate Guide to RV encases 80 pages explaining what we do, our core beliefs, business positions, and branding style all in one digital flipbook. 

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